Lose weight with sport: The 10 most efficient sports

Many people want to lose weight through sport – but how is that best? Our fat burning guide shows the 10 most efficient sports if you want to lose excess pounds.

Many people do specific sports to lose weight. Of course, they want to see success as quickly as possible and therefore want to know which disciplines have the greatest fat burning effect.

However, it is also important to know that you will find it difficult to achieve (greater) weight loss through exercise alone.

According to the motto „Abs are made in the kitchen“ you also have to adjust your diet. This is and remains the biggest lever to fight unloved kilos.

So: besides training, make sure you eat a balanced diet with a healthy mix of complex carbohydrates, healthy fats and proteins.

The 10 best sports for losing weight
We introduce you to ten sports with fatburn potential and tell you which parts of the body you can use for targeted firming. All you have to do is choose your favorite and you can start right away!

Tip: Strength training is of course the all-rounder among the sports that you can and should do additionally to lose or maintain weight in the long term.

  1. running
    No sport provides more endurance and burns as many calories as jogging. Our test person reached 547 calories per hour.

When you run, you mainly use your leg and hip muscles, so it is advisable to plan an additional workout for the trunk muscles. Strengthened muscles help you achieve a healthier running style and a higher basal metabolic rate.

Newcomers should start off carefully, with each step about three times your own body weight affects the foot and knee joints.

  1. walking
    A joint-gentle alternative to jogging is walking or Nordic walking with appropriate walking poles. According to our test, 446 calories per hour can be burned. Provided the pole technique is correct.

Nordic walking is not only a great sport for runners and bikers, but also ideal for beginners who want to build up their fitness.

Trained: legs, buttocks, shoulders

  1. swimming
    The ideal weight loss sport for all those who want or need to take care of their joints. Our test person consumed 436 calories per hour while swimming.

The lane pulling is not only an optimal endurance workout, it also provides a holistic strengthening of all muscles. The different swimming styles can be varied depending on the type and are an excellent coordination training.

Trained: legs, buttocks, abdomen, shoulders, arms

  1. biking or cycling
    Cycling is the perfect endurance training for nature-loving people. The calorie consumption is about 412 calories per hour. Additional strength training for abdominal and back muscles is recommended, since it is mainly the leg muscles that are stressed and the unaccustomed sitting posture can quickly lead to back pain for newcomers.

To prevent this, the correct seat height adjustment helps. The leg should be almost straight when the pedal is at bottom dead center. Biking is a little more time-consuming than jogging, but it is also varied.

Trained: legs, buttocks, back

  1. spinning
    Indoor cycling has been experiencing a huge hype for a few years now! Inwzsichen there is a variety of courses under different names and with different focuses: Spinning, Indoor Cycling, Spin Racing or Soulcycle for example.

Such indoor cycling courses to motivating beats and with additional units with shadow boxing or dumbbells are like an intensive HIIT-workout. You train your body from head to toe!

The calorie consumption during spinning naturally depends on your fitness level, your body weight and also the duration of the exercise. But as a guideline: A 75 kilogram person, who is trained on average, burns about 600 kcal in 60 minutes – and thus as many as in brisk running!

Trained: Legs, buttocks, plus abdomen, arms and back (depending on the course)

  1. crossfit
    According to researchers at Kennesaw State University, a crossfit session burns up to 13 calories per minute – without the need for extra weight.

Pull-ups, push-ups and knee bends are popular crossfit exercises that are particularly effective.

Trained: legs, buttocks, abdomen, back, arms, shoulders

  1. high intensity interval training (HIIT)
    HIIT stands for short, highly intensive stress phases alternating with short recovery phases. With this type of training you force your body to burn calories over a long period of time, even if your training is already over.

The reason for this is the afterburning effect: the greater the difference between your metabolism at rest and during training, the longer it takes your body to slow down again and the more calories it burns on its way back to normal.

Every hour, 700 to 800 calories are burned!

Exercised: Legs, buttocks, stomach, back, shoulders, arms (depending on the course)

  1. boxes
    During a training session in a boxing class you can get rid of up to 800 calories (guideline for a 70 kilogram person).

In classic boxing, but also in Thai or kickboxing, you have to expend a lot of strength, train your speed and your condition like in hardly any other workout.

Even off the ring you not only fight against an imaginary opponent, but also very successfully against excess fat pads.

Trained: protectors, arms, abdomen, back, legs, buttocks

  1. tae-bo
    Tae Bo is a full body workout that is a combination of kickboxing and dancing. In a Tae Bo course, under the guidance of a trainer, punches and kicks are performed dynamically (not as self-defense).

Tae Bo aims to strengthen all muscle groups through cardio training. A 60-minute workout consumes over 500 kilocalories per hour depending on age and weight.

Trained: protectors, arms, abdomen, back, legs, buttocks

10th step aerobics
Step aerobics is only for mothers? No way! The workout with the stepper is an effective way to burn calories (up to 700 kCal per hour) – and not without.

The combination of different steps and building techniques challenges the head and trains the entire leg and buttock muscles as well as the core. Plus your condition!

Search for a course suitable to your level. Even if you do a lot of sports, the step sequences can quickly become overstrained.

Trained: legs, buttocks, abdomen, back. More: https://www.ostsee-zeitung.de/Mecklenburg/Bad-Doberan/Mehr-Spiel-und-Sport-in-Boergerende-und-Rethwisch